Thursday, December 25, 2008

Look what Connor Got for Christmas!

Well as you can see, Connor got a lot of cool Boy stuff...A new Bouncy Pony, A new tricycle, A cordless drill just like Daddy's.

And last but not least, a new shirt that he can wear with pride! If you can't make it out, it says Only child, but is crossed out and says BIG BROTHER!!!

This is everyone's surprise Christmas Present. It happens to be Mommy's favorite! I think Daddy's favorite is still the TV, but that'll soon change!!!

Merry Christmas,

DK, Tiffanie, Connor, and Baby 2!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is Coming

I can't believe that it is only 4 days away from Christmas. I am sad that I won't be able to see my family in Houston, but I do promise to upload pictures and video of the festivities here for everyone to enjoy. In the meantime, here is our second family photo. The only other one we have was taken minutes after Connor was born, and I certainly will NOT be posting that on the internet! Merry Christmas!