Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here is some good video of the army crawl...

If you watch closely at the beginning of this video, you will see a real crawl. He only does that when he doesn't realize what he is doing or when he is not in a hurry. He just figured out pulling up today, so we couldn't resist sharing it with the world!

Monday, April 7, 2008

It was a busy month for Connor. He went to the Tech/UT basketball game, and he was just thrilled by all of the excitement. During half time he just couldn't take it anymore. He gave it up for a nap!

Easter was a big weekend for us. We loaded up the motorhome which we had borrowed from a friend and made the trek to Bangs. Connor did great and slept most of the way. While we were there, Connor got to participate in his first Easter Egg Hunt. He really didn't like the grass on his knees. He "found" one egg (laying out for all to see) and just played with it. Here he is showing off his loot.

Egg Hunting is hard work when you are only 8 and a half months old...

Connor was 9 months on April 5. He now weighs 18 lbs. 14 oz. and is 28" long. He is getting around really quickly with his army crawl. He thinks it is funny to "play chase." This game consists of Connor crawling away as quickly as he can while I ask him where he is going. He turns around often to make sure I am still following him. Here are a few picks from his 9 month birthday.

So many toys, so little time.

He saw me with the camera, and he is no longer happy to just sit there and ham it up. He now wants to be the one behind the camera...or rather, the one with it in his mouth!