Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Wrap-Up

We got a lot of snow on the 23rd. We made a snowman (he actually looks like some creep who lurks in the parking lot after the bar). When he started to melt Connor said "Oh no. His little arms fell off!"

We started out Christmas in Houston with my family. It was an exhausting drive but completely worth it.
Who needs to spend any money when the grocery store has race-cars for shopping carts. I think they would have been happy to sit here for hours. (Notice that Connor has made himself quite comfy with his foot up on the dash!)

Daddy gave Connor a hand-made tool box...and Mommy was brave enough to let Connor paint it (on her dining room table). Pretty sure we went through a whole roll of paper towels. For those of you who know me well...this activity was a practice for me in letting go...I would have liked for it to be all one color...not at all the case. The finished product is 4 or 5 different colors with lots of color mixing going on. Not at all what I would have done!

Christmas Eve was lots of hard work for Connor. He had spent the last few days with Gram and Gramp, and they wore each other out. After no nap that day he crashed on the way home after only 5 minutes...with his favorite hat on!

On Christmas morning Connor had no time to stop for breakfast. However, he did finish off the cookie that Santa only partially ate...Santa should eat all of it next year. The conversation about the cookie went like this...
Mommy: "What do you want for breakfast?"
Connor: "I'm not having breakfast. I'm just having this cookie!"

Sweet boys...

For those of you who don't already know...Connor told Santa that he wanted a Cow for Christmas. When Santa asked if the cow was going to live in his bedroom....he looked at him as if he was crazy and said, "It's going to live on the farm with all the other cows."
So...Granny and Pops "gave" Connor a cow to live at their farm. I guess this was one of those gifts that looked better on the shelf.
That is not a happy boy...we do have other pictures of him trying to get down!

I will close things up with a "Connor Classic"
The boys are sharing a room, and this usually goes pretty well...A few nights ago I heard Case wake up in the middle of the night in a good mood and he was cooing oh so sweetly. The sweet sounds were followed by Connor on the monitor
"Mommy. Mom! Mommy, Case is talking to me."
I am sure he was worried that he would be the one to get in trouble since it was still night time!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Did He Really Say That?

Sometimes I just can't believe the things that come out of his mouth. This was as we were driving (at 10:30 at night) on the way to Houston.

Connor: Mommy, look down there (he pushes my face toward the bag o' snacks). There's cookies in there. You need to get them for me.