Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our "Cation"

This weekend we decided to take what most of you might call a vacation, however, in our family it will now forever be known as "cation." We tried all weekend to get Connor to say it right, but it just wasn't happening. We also tried, without success, to explain to him that vacation is more of an idea than a place. He kept asking "Is this my cation?" We had to say several times that the hotel is just where you stay on cation and that all the fun is just what you do on here is the fun.

We went to the independent league Airhogs baseball game Friday night. Connor really wanted to "play ball like those big guys" but settled for cotton candy instead.

We started out with a very early train ride Saturday morning trying to beat the heat. Needless to say, with a high of 102 for the day...the heat beat us! (For those of you who know my aversion to water...or should I say drinking will be happy to know that even I stayed hydrated!)

The next stop was the Fort Worth Zoo. The highlight there was Parrot Paradise. You were able to purchase a seed stick to feed the birds, and I have to say that this was probably the best dollar I ever spent at a zoo. There was no lack of birds to feed, and Connor, being the sweet boy that he is, never let one bird eat too much because he was worried that the others might be hungry.
He could not have been happier that this little bird actually jumped onto his stick!
The last adventure was "Putt Putt Golf and Games." We were disappointed that Connor was not even tall enough to ride with one of us in the race cars or bumper boats (but probably not as much as he was). He did play putt-putt...and true to form, he got two hole-in-ones. We spent too much money to play too few games and totally stressed D.K. out trying to cash in our tickets, but we made it home with a sack full of candy to rot out Connor's "practice teeth."
This is the only type of motorcycle either one of them will ever ride on if I have anything to say about it!